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Tailwheel Endorsement

Pilots who gained their PPL on a modern 'tricycle' aircraft such as the Piper Warrior or Cessna 172 are required to undertake formal 'difference training' before flying in a 'taildragger' like the Tiger Moth.

Cambridge Flying Group provides this training as a 'PPL Conversion Course' which in addition to covering the differences in flying technique covers all other aspects of operating the classic aircraft.

To start you will explore taxying - with no brakes the Tiger needs careful ground handling.  We then review the basic principles of flight.  With a relatively underpowered engine and lots of drag due to its biplane construction the Tiger Moth requires the coordinated use of the flying controls and engine throttle, and for the pilot to be more aware of the secondary effects of these controls.

Once the basics are sorted, attention moves to the take off and landing, especially in crosswinds. You will learn to master 'three point' and 'wheel' landings. Taildragger technique is quite different as the centre of gravity is at the rear rather than the front of the aircraft, requiring more careful use of rudder to keep aligned with the runway.

Alongside flight training you will be taught how to start the engine by hand swinging the propeller, how to refuel the aircraft, picket it when away from base and navigation in an open cockpit with a traditional P11D compass.

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