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Fly Vintage

Join Us and be a member of a special fraternity


Already a Pilot?

With the right qualifications you can fly our Tiger Moth on a regular basis. We also do offer various levels of flight training, including tailwheel endorsement.

Once you have got the basics, you can progress into our advanced training courses, including aerobatics and formation flying.


3-Steps to Fly Vintage

Visit Us

Get Checked-out

Fly Vintage

We are a friendly group of people. You are always welcome to visit us. There is no need for prior arrangements, as long as you know somebody is there to open the door for you!

Depending on your previous experience and qualifications you may require a few hours of flying with an instructor. Once that's done you are ready to fly on your own!

Once you are ready to go solo, book your flights and enjoy flying a precious piece of history.

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