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Introductory Flights and Air Experience Flights

Booking an Air Experience Flight is the best way to find out if Cambridge Flying Group and its Tiger Moths are for you.

An Air Experience Flight (Training Exercise 3) is conducted by a qualified instructor and lasts about 30 minutes in the air during which you will have the opportunity to control the aircraft. If you just want to experience a flight in a Tiger Moth without taking control ask for the "Introductory Flight" option instead, one of our qualified pilots will take you for the flight.

Air Experience Flight £220

Introductory Flight  £160

We have a pilot weight limit of 100 kg and you need to be mobile enough to climb into and out of the cockpit without help (similar to stepping directly onto the second step of a flight of stairs, standing on a narrow sloping step and then stepping over a 50cm high fence). You will need
reasonable manual dexterity and strength to operate seat belts and door latches, and reasonably good hearing. Due to the Tiger Moth’s fore and aft tandem cockpits, once flying your pilot can not provide the sort of physical help that would be possible with side-by-side seating, hence the
importance of being able to hear safety instructions in the noisy cockpit environment.

What To Expect...

Arrive a good 60 minutes before your booked time to allow for a briefing and completing the necessary paperwork. It's a good idea to phone ahead before leaving home as rain, low cloud, strong winds or aircraft serviceability issues might mean postponing the trip. You should bring comfortable warm clothes for the time of year. In winter wear a sweater, outdoor jacket and gloves. We will
provide you with a helmet. Friends and family are welcome as guests.

Young children must be supervised by another adult while you are flying. They can take photographs of you in the aircraft and relax in Shuttleworth's restaurant, with inside and outside seating, while you are flying. First we will show you the cockpit and controls. The ground crew will help you strap in and then start the engine. The instructor will make a radio call, taxi the aircraft out to the runway, take off and fly you around the local area. If you live in or near Old Warden we may be able show you your house from the air.

On a Trial Lesson your instructor will show you the basics of flying and let you do as much as you want. As the sortie ends the instructor will bring the aircraft back to the airfield to circle and land and then taxi back for a debrief.

You'll be grinning from ear to ear! Finally we give you a signed certificate as a souvenir. If you decide you enjoyed it so much you want to join the group we count the flight as your first lesson . If you want to fly again as a passenger you can join us as an associate member and we'll help you find a pilot buddy with whom you can share flights.

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