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The Tiger Moth is classified as 'semi-aerobatic' which means it can be used to fly all the basic aerobatic manoeuvres including loops, rolls and spins.

Aerobatics are a great way to build up confidence in your own flying, exploring more of the aircraft's 'flight envelope' and of course exhilarating fun.  

The Course

Initially you will revise stalls, steep turns, spin avoidance and forced landings from your PPL.

Next you will progress to steeper turns and wing-overs to build up confidence in handling the aircraft at greater angles of bank and pitch than you are used to.

From there we progress to spin entry and recovery, both as an aerobatic manoeuvre in its own right and as a recovery from other manoeuvres going wrong.

Then you will explore loops, Cuban eights, rolling off the top of a loop and other similar manoeuvres in the vertical plane.

Next you will look at stall turns and recovery from hammerhead stalls and tail slides.

From that you will move on to aileron rolls, barrel rolls and stall turns and start to build basic aerobatic display routines.

As your confidence and expertise builds other manoeuvres such as slow rolls will be introduced and you will be shown how to restart the engine should you accidentally stop it through mishandling.

You find the training teaches you more precise flying technique, ballistic energy management and good control coordination to overcome the effects of drag and relatively low powered engine in the Tiger Moth compared to modern aerobatic aircraft.

When you have completed the course you can have the Aerobatics Rating added to your licence.

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