Membership & Flight Fees

Members pay an annual subscription.

Flying members - pilots and students - pay a subscription that covers the fixed costs of operating the group HQ and group aircraft.


Ab initio student pilot members are given a £20 annual reduction on their membership fees for the first 2 years of their training.

Associate or social members pay a nominal subscription that entitles them to use the group HQ and to fly when accompanied by a flying member.

Temporary membership is available to guests of flying members, allowing them to use the group facility and to join the flying member for a flight.

Pilots pay a pro rata hourly rate for flying.   The basic rate is for a suitably qualified and current pilot to operate an aircraft (with or without a passenger) unsupervised.  A fixed 'dual' fee is added to the hourly rate charge for pilots under instruction, whether students or PPLs doing check flights etc. In addition, for all local flights, a landing fee is collected for each sortie to pay Cambridge Airport charges.  Members are personally responsible for paying all fees and charges incurred when flying away from Cambridge.

Subscriptions are set annually.  The flying rate is subject to regular review and may be revised in the light of changes in fuel and maintenance costs.

All of the group officers and instructors are volunteers. Additionally the group relies on all members volunteering to take on the many tasks needed to keep the group operating, including taking turn at being a weekend duty pilot, supervising ground operations. 

Flying on operating days is supervised by instructors who will decide on the suitability of weather and aircraft serviceability for all pilots wishing to fly that day.

Experienced pilots can ask to be authorised to operate 'unsupervised' on other days subject to the rules and conditions set out  in the group 'Flying Orders' book.

  • Trial lesson £220

  • Introductory flight  £160

  • Solo flight (hour) £235

  • Dual fee (hour, fixed) £17.50

  • Landing fee (local sortie) £13.50

  • Group membership (year) £250

  • Associate membership (year) £25