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The Spirit of Flying

For those interested in seeking out the real spirit of flying, and wanting to tackle the challenge of flying vintage aviation icons, joining the Cambridge Flying Group gives access to a unique community of aviators and aircraft.  Much more than a school, members have unparalleled access to the Group’s aircraft and the extraordinary experience and knowledge of the members.  

The ethos of the Group involves members in every aspect of flying, aided and helped by some of the most qualified and experienced instructors on Tiger Moths to be found anywhere.  The quality of the Group’s Tiger Moths and the levels of maintenance are unequalled.

Student, Intermediate, Experienced
    •  learn
    •  convert
    •  de Havilland Scholarship

Advanced Flying
    •  aerobatics
    •  formation

A Community of Aviators
    •  events
    •  networking
    •  socialising
    •  and much more


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