Instrument Flying


The Instrument Rating (Restricted) previously known as the IMC rating, allows pilots to fly in poor visibility (cloud, rain, night etc) using instruments alone.

We teach this rating using the Fuji FA-200 aircraft which is fully equipped with the necessary instruments and radio aids.

What's Involved?

Initially you will learn how to fly with instruments alone rather than relying on visual cues like the horizon.  You will learn how to fly straight and level, make turns, climbs and descents. As your instrument skills develop you will learn how to fly on a partial panel, in case of instrument failures and how to recover from unusual attitudes should something go wrong.

From this you will be taught the elements of radio navigation using aids such as ADF, VOR and DME to track to and from radio beacons.

Once this is under your belt, the final stage is to flying instrument approaches such as ILS to enable you to land safely in poor weather conditions.

In addition to the flight training you will be expected to self-study for the ground school topics cover instrument flight rules, radio navigation and the technical principles of radio navigation aids and the associated instruments.

To complete the course and gain the rating you will take an air test in the practical aspects and an exam for the theory.